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Composite rebars

Composite rebars - advantages


Owing to the completely automated system of production, TROKOTEX composite bars are CHEAPER than steel bars.

  • Resistance to breaking of composite reinforcement is twice as higher than that of A-III class steel reinforcement with the same diameter. Correspondingly, its calculated surface can be twice as smaller than that of steel reinforcement.
  • Cohesion of composite reinforcement is 1.9 t/m3. This means that it is only 1.9 times heavier than water and 5 times lighter than steel. In a comparison considering the same strength, the weight of the reinforcement is 9 times lower than that of steel reinforcement. This reduces costs of transport and loading and unloading works as well as facilitates works delivered in a facility.
  • Reduction of the price of building structures is possible owing to use of composite reinforcement with smaller diameters as compared to steel reinforcement.
  • Non-metal reinforcement is totally resistant to corrosion and does not destroy concrete. Apart from that, it, practically, does not change its mechanical properties in an aggressive environment under the influence of acids, bases and salt.
  • It does not lose its properties at very low temperatures. Composite reinforcement can be used for various scopes of temperatures (from – 70 to +100°C) and it does not change its technical and operating parameters.
  • Thermal conductivity of composite reinforcement is 100 times lower than that of steel reinforcement and , practically, it does not conduct heat. Therefore, it cannot become a thermal bridge and it reduces heat losses considerably.
  • Thermal expansion coefficient – similar to that of concrete. This eliminates any reinforcement breaking and cracks in the concrete layer under the influence of temperature changes.
  • A dielectric that allows magnetically passive radio waves. Glass fibre reinforcement does not conduct electrical current and does not accumulate static energy. Allows radio waves. Excludes any change of strength of composite reinforcement under the influence of electromagnetic fields.
  • Durable and ecological. Composite reinforcement extends the period of use of a structure 2-3 times more as compared to steel reinforcement, especially under the influence of aggressive environments. There is no need to deliver costly repair works. Forecast period of use – min. 80 years. It does not emit any toxic substances.