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Composite rebars

Composite rebars - benefits


Benefits of use of bars used for concrete reinforcement and made of composites based on epoxy resins and glass and basalt fibres:

1. The purchase price - composite reinforcement is cheaper than steel reinforcement.

2. Lower logistic costs - the weight of composite reinforcement is 9 times lower than that of steel reinforcement and the same strength is preserved, which reduces costs of transport considerably.

3. Comfort of use - the same parameter also has influence on reduction of costs of loading and unloading works, thus eliminating the need to hire heavy equipment and facilitating and reducing the time of works in a facility.

4. Minimal thermal conductivity - thermal conductivity of composite reinforcement is 100 times lower than that of steel reinforcement, which means that, practically, it does not conduct heat. It does not create any thermal bridges and lowers costs of use of a facility. It is an ideal solution in the passive house construction sector.

5. Efficent use - thermal expansion of composite reinforcement is comparable to that of concrete and excludes any cracks of concrete under the influence of any temperature changes, thus eliminating costs of repairs of cracks during use of a facility.

6. Maintance-free - glass fibre reinforcement is totally resistant to corrosion and does not change its properties even in very corrosive and aggressive acid or alkaline environment, which eliminates the need for tedious and costly inspections.

7. Material savings - reinforcement delivered according to a design eliminates any waste and overlaps, thus reducing costs of use of materials and labour. We can deliver our bars as straight sections as well as bars with diameters of up to 12 mm in coils as tailored.

8. Easy transport - owing to their low weight, costs of transport of coils can be reduced to minimum and, in case of construction of semi-detached houses, an investor’s vehicle boot can also be used for the purposes.

9. Low risk of failure construction equipment - elimination of steel from reinforcement reduced costs of purchase and repair of tools for concrete drilling and cutting to a considerable extent.

10. Long life - 2-3 times longer use of a facility as compared to reinforced steel structures is also a significant parameter as regards making a decision on use of modern materials manufactured according to the most recent global technology of production of composites with the use of pultrusion, i.e. pressurized saturation and pulling of non-metal fibres and thermally hardened polymer.

An investor’s savings resulting from purchase of reinforced bars made of composite materials can even amount to 50% of costs connected with delivery of reinforcement works and other works in a facility.