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Composite rebars

Composite rebars - use


1. Construction:

  • Temporary civil structures: reinforcement of temporary elements with possible cutting and drilling that saves time during disassembly works.
  • Laboratory buildings and other facilities with required protection against interference of magnetic waves, building equipped with MRI equipment, research and development centres, transformer stations – due to electromagnetic neutrality.

  • Elements of reinforced concrete structures, infrastructural and hydrotechnical building, waste treatment plants, chemical industry facilities etc.: owing to resistance to corrosion and reduction of the thickness of concrete covering layer, the structure can be made thinner. The structures are also more durable in aggressive environments.

2. In elements of reinforced concrete slabs : 

  • Manhole covers, kerbs, reinforced concrete pavements, filing station facilities, level crossings, road screens, pavements, thin facade panels, acoustic screens, prefabricated pavements, walls and ceiling elements, car park pavements and other flat elements.

3. In reinforced concrete volumetric elements:

  • Silos, sedimentation tanks, gas distribution plants, workshops, engine repair facilities, waste tanks, storage tanks, sedimentation cisterns, sedimentation reservoirs, waste incineration plants, bridge abutments, supports and foundations, track sleepers, turnout sleepers, energy-absorbing barriers, reinforced concrete pipes, T-type beams, walls, girders and transoms, support beams, portal frames, reinforced concrete boxes, reinforced concrete containers, elements with reduced covering.

4. Foundations, piles and poles:

  • Support elements, balcony joints, beam nodes, tubing segments, track elements of magnetic railway, prefabricated production plants, exhibition halls, production halls, prefabricated stairs, lift shafts, garages, basement wall slabs, reinforced concrete coils, crane beams, bearing and support structures.

5. Road construction:

  • Road structures, bridge structures, tunnel structures, railway facilities, airport facilities, rock reinforcing anchors, acoustic screens, road platforms, road bridges.

6. Specialist civil construction:

  • Deformation compensators, deep foundations, cavity walls, drilled piles, micropiles, special foundations, diaphragms, tank foundations, retaining walls, tunnel portal supports, underground passes, intermediate ceiling in tunnels, geotechnical structures, trench enclosures, sheet pile walls.

7. Hydrotechnical structures :

  • Water supply pipes, water supply sluices, breakwaters, anti-flooding dams, water dams, river bank reinforcements, weirs, marinas, tidal dams, landing strips, reinforced concrete caissons, bank stabilizers, port structures, reinforced concrete channels.

8. Horticulture:

  • Gardening infrastructure, polyhouses, plant maintaining structures, gazebos